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Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Australian Shepherds


What is the lifespan of a mini Australian Shepherd ?

  • The lifespan of a  mini Australian Shepherd ranges from 12 to 16 years long.

What are mini Australian Shepherds like?

  • Mini Australian Shepherd are extremely intelligent, loyal, gentle, but protective

Are mini Australian Shepherds great family dogs?

  • Yes, mini Australian Shepherds are known to be great family dogs. They’re friendly but also very intelligent and can be somewhat protective especially of any children in the family.

Are mini Australian Shepherds smart?

  • Yes, mini Australian Shepherds are known to be quite intelligent. They’re even ranked as one of the smartest dogs.

What makes mini Australian Shepherds a great companion?

  • Mini Australian Shepherds make a great companion amongst pet owners because they enjoy spending time with humans. Not only that, but they’re known to be loyal and protective dogs.

 What else are mini Australian Shepherds used for?

  • Mini Australian Shepherds can work as great service animals as well as emotional support dogs. Another wholesome fact to keep in mind is that mini Australian Shepherds can be trained for conditions like PTSD and anxiety disorders.

How To Adopt A Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy?

At Buckwheat Valley Ranch, we focus on creating the adoption process simple, easy, and stress-free! For new owners, you might be wondering how the adoption process works after finding a mini Aussie puppy that you’re content with. Don’t stress - our adoption process is straight-forward which is very fast due to our commitment to prompt and clear communication via text messages or email. We believe in the personal touch. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can send a deposit for a puppy with only a few clicks on your smartphone or another internet device. Once you’ve decided on a specific puppy a $300 deposit can be sent to us via Venmo, Apple Pay, Paypal, or Zelle, or we can process a credit card through Square. At that point, we reserve that particular puppy for you, and its profile is removed from our For Sale page and moved to the Sold page on the website.  Then at your convenience, you’ll just need to schedule a visit after the puppy turns 8 weeks old at which point the purchase agreement is signed and the balance is paid for the puppy and you and your new friend are ready to make memories forever!

Available Mini  Australian Shepherd Puppies 

If you’re ready to explore our mini Australian Shepherds, then check out our selection. These mini Australian Shepherds are waiting with the same goal in mind - to find a companion just like you!

If there are no puppies immediately available make sure to sign up to our email notification list, to be notified the next time we have a litter of mini Australian Shepherds available.

We take pride in being the best Australian Shepherd Breeder in Pennsylvania and the USA!