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Adoption Process

Adoption Process

Our adoption process is quite simple..  A customer finds our website through a media search either directly from Google or any of our social media sites...  You as a customer can surf our entire website and find all kinds of info about our ranch and the dogs we have here etc..  You can then check the "Puppies For Sale " page to see if we have one that looks suitable for your particular needs. If a puppy is on the for sale page of the website it is currently available for a deposit..  If your particular type of puppy that you're looking for is not available it is advisable to then open the Contact page and from there you  can fill out all your info and submit it to us.. At that point your contact info will be added to our email list and you will automatically receive litter updates as long as you don't unsubscribe..  If you receive an update it means that the litter is available for deposits and is open on a first come first serve basis... You can also email us with any questions via the Contact Us tab and we will respond as soon as possible.. Emails sent on the weekend may wait till Monday to be responded to...

   If you find a puppy that you wish to hold with a deposit we can receive the $300 deposit via Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle etc or we can process a credit card via Square..  The most direct service can be received by calling or texting my cell at 717-327-9664..

Every puppy needs to stay here until at least 8 weeks old.. Most puppies are picked up here directly but we also offer shipping via American Airlines to your nearest airport for your pickup... Our American Airlines office here in Harrisburg is very good and trustworthy when it comes to shipping pets.... Shipping via airlines usually costs an additional $400..

We can also occasionally hand deliver your puppy either directly or meet you somewhere in route.. Please call your a price quote for that service...

We will also need to add a 6% PA Sales tax unless the puppy is shipped via commercial carrier...

Adopt a Puppy



    Buckwheat Valley Ranch Mini Aussie Puppies

         1267 Knisely Hill Rd

         Millerstown PA 17062



Date of Sale………………...   

Date of pickup or delivery… 

Purchase Price ....

Plus 6% sales tax .... 

Shipping Costs……. 

Deposit Down…  

Balance Due before shipping ….  

Total due before shipping… 


Customer Name    


                      Phone number    

                     Email  ….    


 Puppy Name ,sex and coat color


Sire :       



Vaccine Record…

5 Way Vaccine……  



Worming Record 


Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee

We, at Buckwheat Valley Ranch, are committed to providing new puppy owners with a happy, healthy, well-rounded companion. We strive to maintain the best vaccination protocol, excellent socialization practices, the cleanest living quarters, and the happiest environment possible for our dogs and puppies. Because of this, the puppy you purchase is guaranteed to be in good health at the time that it transfers from our home to yours.

Prior to going home, our puppies are vaccinated against the following:

-Parvovirus -Distemper -Adenovirus -Parainfluenza

 Our puppies are also de-wormed on a schedule with Pyrantel..

  Your new puppy is guaranteed against viral diseases up to seven (7) days beyond the date that the puppy is taken home. The puppy MUST be examined by a veterinarian within seven (7) days for this guarantee to be valid. If the veterinarian finds abnormal results in the exam (apart from any imperfection that was made known to new owner at the time of sale), then the breeder (Buckwheat Valley Ranch) must be called immediately and copies of the vet report supplied to the Breeder. After this is provided, the Breeder (Buckwheat Valley Ranch) will offer a reimbursement or solution based on the veterinarian’s findings. In case of a puppy’s death within the seven (7) day period, an autopsy must be arranged and paid for by the New Owner, and findings must be submitted to the Breeder before any exchange will be made.

  Your new puppy is also guaranteed up to, and no more than, one (1) year from purchase date against major genetic defects, effecting the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. If the examining veterinarian concludes that the puppy has a serious genetic illness, the Breeder must be notified and proper documentation provided to the Breeder by the veterinarian. Once this is received and reviewed, the New Owner will have the option to bring the puppy back in exchange for another puppy of equal or lesser value, or a reimbursement (whether in part or in full) will be provided at the Breeder’s discretion. At no time will your credit exceed the purchase price of your puppy. The Breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills you incur with your new puppy.

The Breeder can assume no responsibility for this puppy after leaving the premises for any medical expense, death, allergies, training difficulties, behavior issues, Coat, Color,Conformation etc, though we are dedicated to the well-being of the puppy both before and after it goes to its new home.                                       

We CANNOT guarantee a puppy for breeding or showing purposes, even when sold with full registration.

This guarantee DOES NOT INCLUDE the following as a puppy can pick these up during travel.

 -Colds/Upper Respiratory Infection -Parasites



-Other minor illnesses

Due to the potential susceptibility to the MDR1 hereditary trait in Mini Australian Shepherds please avoid any meds or wormers with Ivermectin as an ingredient…


We at Buckwheat Valley Ranch reserve the right to deny the sale of any puppy due personal discretion or judgements about the puppy’s welfare or the owner’s integrity or ability to properly care for this puppy… At such a time the deposit will be returned and the contract terminated…..

“I, the New Puppy Owner, hereby agree to the above Purchase Agreement and Health Guarantee for my new puppy. Furthermore, I will commit to providing the best possible care to my new puppy after it leaves the Breeder’s premises.”

Seller's Signature: Date________________________________ 

Customer's Signature: Date:____________________________ 

Customer's printed name:______________________________ 

(Puppy Name )